Tjiwi Kimia at a Glance

Tjiwi Kimia at a Glance

Tjiwi Kimia at a Glance

PT Pabrik Kertas Tjiwi Kimia Tbk. part of APP Group, At the time of its inception, the Company produced only soda and other chemicals, but, since 1978, the Company has had the capacity to produce 12,000 tons of paper products per year.

The main business activity of the Company presently is the production of writing and printing papers, both coated and uncoated. The Company also produces a wide range of converted stationery and office products such as exercise books, writing pad, notepad, loose leaf, spirals, envelopes, computer form, gift wrapping paper, shopping bags and fancy products which have gained good responses from international markets and also produces packaging products including boxboard used for industrial packaging. Sustainability has always been at the core of our business. 

Despite 2021 being a year full of challenges, our commitment to sustainability never waned. The COVID-19 pandemic strengthened our ability to adapt and survive. Collaboration with various stakeholders brings us confidence in the realisation of our vision. This year we continue our journey to achieve the Sustainability Roadmap: Vision (SRV) 2030.



1972 Built as caustic soda factory
1978 Started producing paper with capacity of 12 KTA.
1990 Registered on Jakarta and Surabaya Stock Exchange as TKIM
1995 Getting ISO 9002 Certificate (Quality Management System)
1998 Getting ISO 14001 Certificate (Environmental Management System)
2008 Succeed in producing 1,048,000 ton of paper
2018 Own 13 paper machines in total


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Research and Development

Research and Development

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Tjiwi Kimia Research & Development (R&D) is the key on how innovation works. Innovations come about as the result of a planned with leading scientists, suppliers and specialist businesses, and managed by an essential role in our ambition to make a positive impact on the world around us.

Tjiwi Kimia has more than ten core scientists, supported by 22 staffs, and provided with the main laboratory since 1996. The team has more than 10 years experience in paper industry and spreads to many functions on processes & products. R&D grows and become bigger, starts in 2016 the team called with New Product Development (NPD) that is integrated with HQ NPD & BU/Sales and completely focus on quality, customer, and ecient cost to ensure continuous development of Tjiwi Kimia existing product portofolio.

The function of NPD with integrated systems, is responsible to :

Design and develop new technology-based products, services and processes.

Translate functional needs into specifications, with preventive & corrective analysis

Process optimization & cost reduction with customer

Fulfil legal requirements (certificate as ISEGA, FDA, BFR, Halal, Recyclable, etc.)

Tjiwi Kimia NPD innovates and creates products in compliance with environmental standards, seeks to optimise sites to balanced the production costs. With all those resources, we are committed to create the market growth to satisfy our customers by fulfilling their requirements to improving the quality of consumers’ lives.

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