As a multi-national company of Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas, Tjiwi Kimia have a vision to become a leading and respected global paper company that provides superior values to customers, community, employees and shareholders – responsibly and sustainably. With high dedication, Tjiwi Kimia implement and achieve ISO standard and other standard, both national and or international, in developing management system for quality, environment, energy, safety, and security. Also, Tjiwi Kimia adopting best practices in mill operations to continually reducing emission, reuse and recycle waste.

On the other hand, Tjiwi Kimia as a part of community, actively to empower and develop community’s welfare through economic, education, health (especially in COVID-19 pandemic) and sustainable environment. Through designed programs and support from local government, Tjiwi Kimia able to deliver positive impact for community and environment around.




Water is main utility for paper production process and to produce steam at various stages of our processes. We recognise our responsibility to protect local water sources at our mill, we do this by minimising consumption and ensuring the water return to source meets the standard.

We conduct water balance studies and continually control water intensity through reuse and recycle water in paper making process. Also, we have program to optimize fibre recovery equipment, as our main material.

Tjiwi Kimia regularly conduct sampling checks to ensure the waste water is safe and fulfil government regulation before return to the environment. Since 2018, we maintained our commitment to ensure all water returned to the environment is 10% below national and regional limits for COD and BOD.So, we ensure minimize waste water load to the environment.

Solid Waste

Majority of our wastegenerated from paper making process. Tjiwi Kimia is committed to reducing waste, minimising the amount of waste and maximising opportunities to reuse waste material, either within internal operation or by utilising third party licensed partners as part of our commitment to contributing towards the circular economy, as following :

  1. Reduce

  • We apply refill chemical system from supplier to reduce waste hazardous packaging

  • Our power plants use low ash content to minimize coal ash generation

  1. Reuse

  • Through CSR program, coordinate with youth community to utilize waste strapping band&waste wood become craft.

  • We get permit from Ministry of Environment and Forestry Indonesia to utilize coal ash used for mixing material for multiblock production (paving, concrete brick, etc). The multiblock can be used to build and fix infrastructure in internal, sister company and community.

  1. Recycle

Deinking Plant and OCC Plant able to consume recovery fiber and waste paper as material to produce brown paper


The combustion of fuels used to generate energy for our mill results in emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and fine particles. Tjiwi Kimia install equipment such as electrostatic precipitator, scrubber, etc, to reduce air emission from our activities. We also apply the latest technologies and emissions monitoring equipment such as CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring System) to monitor and report our emissions and always met our regulatory requirements.

APP & Tjiwi Kimia encourages all parties to contribute more to sustainable practices in business, please visit.

APP Sinar Mas Sustainability-

APP Sinar Mas Sustainability-

Growing Our Tomorrow

Our vision is to produce efficient and innovative pulp and paper through responsible forestry practices.

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Geographically Tjiwi Kimia is surrounded by 5 Villages, Singkalan, Kramattemenggung, Mliriprowo, Sebani and Kedungbocok, which we directly and indirectly have an impact on. As our responsibility to the communities in which we live and work, through CSR initiatives aim environmental sustainability, social and economic development, culture, health, education and equality programs, as followings :

1. Community Services (Charity)

A service around the company that aims for the common good. Some people also call it a charity that is donated to a person or group of people, as follows:

a. Healthcare

The company's contribution in improving health and community services around the company, through several health services for toddlers, and improving public health. Since the end of 2019, the world has been facing the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic which has caused many deaths and spread rapidly. COVID-19 began to spread in Indonesia since February 2020 and became a National Disaster. The role of industry is highly recommended by the government to work hand in hand in overcoming this pandemic. Tjiwi Kimia realizes that this pandemic must be handled together. Education to employees and the public about the pandemic as well as some assistance for an infected is also a serious concern of Tjiwi Kimia.

b. Education

Equitable education is the goal of the government which is always planned to educate the nation's life. Tjiwi Kimia is committed to supporting this program by making several breakthroughs, such as providing teaching and learning equipment such as desks, chairs, laptops and projectors. The annual program from Tjiwi Kimia provides notebook donations for elementary school students in 5 surrounding villages

c. Social and religious activities

As part of the community, it has become a call for Tjiwi Kimia to help people in need. There are still many layers of society who experience shortages, limited access, and are even hit by disasters. This requires assistance to increase community welfare. Many activities from Tjiwi Kimia were present to assist, not only in the form of basic necessities, but also holy books, reforestation programs, etc. Every Eid al-Adha, Tjiwi Kimia also donates sacrificial animal meat to people who are in need

2. Infrastructure

As the same as community services, One of the company's efforts to improve the community welfare by assisting in improving the infrastructure of the surrounding villages, such as water installation, bridge construction, road repair, etc. We believe that with good infrastructure, it will also help improve the economy and community education.

a. Road & Building

Through the process of utilizing wastewhich still have value added, Tjiwi Kimia helps in repairing village roads, road boundary fences, construction of supporting buildings in schools, mosques and government institutions.

b. Clean Water

One form of Tjiwi Kimia's concern for the surrounding community is by providing clean water facilities. Understanding of sanitation and clean water treatment is applied to the surrounding community.Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for clean water has increased which helps people to avoid transmission and remain hygienic.

3. Capacity Building

The development of capabilities in terms of leadership, management, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship for employees and the community are very important, so that CSR can have a positive impact on internal and external stakeholders. In general, is the process or activity of improving the ability of a person, group, organization or system to achieve goals or better performance. This is the process of helping individuals or groups to identify, solve problems and make changes, also improve the ability of local community around the mill or stakeholders so that they can survive to make better in social, economic and cultural conditions.

  • Build RUMAH PINTAR as a place to learn and hone the abilities of local school children and train housewives in making economically valuable crafts to increase their income.
  • Release Scholarship program for High School students to continue to a higher level
  • Providing entrepreneurship knowledge for employees who are about to enter retirement age.
  • Providing education about POLA HIDUP BERSIH DAN SEHAT (PHBS) and providing free medical treatment for 1,000 residents who experience health complaints.

4. Community Development

The collective activity of the community in producing solutions to common problems. In its application, this activity aims to improve various aspects of the community in order to obtain a stronger and more resilient local community. Community development project aims to provide knowledge, skills and community economic empowerment in a sustainable manner so as to give birth to a creative, innovative and productive society

  1. Provide entrepreneurship training to local communities to improve micro economy.
  2. Providing education about a Healthy Diet and PHBS to the community.
  3. Fostering and mentoring entrepreneurs by implementing the training that has been provided as well as monitoring the development of businesses that have been carried out. For example
  • Convert wood waste into furniture and wood craft
  • Convert strapping band waste into baskets and bags
  • Oyster mushroom cultivation.

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