As one of the global manufacturer of paper products, under Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), Tjiwi Kimia builds and strengthen the relationships that thrives with others. The aim is to create a culture of sustained employee enrichment that acknowledges all the valuable contributions that move forward.

APP establishing a new model of leadership, where each one of us can thrive. Tjiwi Kimia believes this leadership model can make the company be the one that everyone wants to work for.


The APP Leadership Model
1. Develops Self
- Trears APP people as “family” and shows genuine care and concern
- Solicits feedback to increase self-awareness and improve oneself as leader
- Demonstates resilience and “fighting spirit” and maintians morale in the face of change and uncertainty
2. Acts as an owner
- Takes strategic, long-term and “whole APP business” view when making decisions
- Balances impact on society, customers, employess and shareholders
- Takes personal accountability and entrepreneurship in decisions, actions and outcomes
3. Delivers results
- Sets clear expectations and holds people accountable for results
- Upholds SOP with discipline to reach operational excellence
- Makes and follows decisions based on existing information and course-corrects as necessary
4. Inspire others
- Role models APP leadership, behaviors, professional and ethical standards with integrity
- Sets stretched yet achievable targets to inspire organization
- Creates development opportunities for others through providing feedback, stretch assignments, rotations, and training
5. Focuses on customers
- Understands external and internal customers needs
- Goes above and beyond to deliver and exceed customers’ requirements
- Builds long term relationships and win-win partnerships with customers
6. Learns to innovate
- Takes risks to drive break-through innovations
- Learns and applies best practices from inside and outside APP with long desire
- Nurtures collaborative competition to spur greater performance

Behavioral Safety

Tjiwi Kimia builds a culture of safety and health in order to bring a real awareness within the employee to be able to enjoy the effort of his labor, which applies to all operating units. A “Zero Injuries” program is developed as a way to manage exposure at the working interface: the place where what people do (behavior) interacts with conditions and management systems.
To run this program, the company utilised the human resources and the managed businesses in optimal, as well as increase in the service professionalism in order to achieve occupational safety and health. We want zero injuries, period; not only is this a good goal, it’s the only acceptable goal. Implementation of safety performed by implementing safety behavior : T H I N K S A F E T Y - Teliti, Hindari, Inisiatif, Normalisasi, Kuasai, Standart, Arahan, Fasilitas, Eduksai, Telaah, and Yakinkan (Conscientious, Avoid, Initiative, Normalization, Dominant, Standard, Guidance, Facility, Education, Study, and Reassure)

Safety Behaviour Resources

In Tjiwi Kimia, we have our own dedicated fire fighters that work 24 hours / 7 days regularly carry out the following : fire protection engineering, fire prevention, emergency medical response services at the basic and advanced life support and paramedic transport levels, technical rescue and training, structural fire fighting, dispatch and 113 center operations, safety and equipment inspections, testing, hazardous materials technician response, training, certifications, and fleet maintenance.

Training & Youth Employment

Training helps the company business run better. Trained employees will be better equipped to handle customer inquiries, make a sale or use computer systems. In other words, Tjiwi Kimia provides the workers with facility to gain technical knowledge and to learn new skills to do specific jobs. In order to provide the operations custodial staff with up-to-date standardized training, a new training center has been created, named Tjiwi Kimia Training Center and conducted basic trainings related to HR-Employment, Workplace Safety, Hospitality, Wellness, etc on a regular basis.

Besides employee's development program, for human resource regeneration and continuity of leadership qualities in the middle management level, the Company is also doing through the Scholarship Program.

This Scholarship Program includes:
1. A Scholarship Program given to the employee and society that have the potential to continue the study in pulp and paper technology.
2. A Scholarship Program with work replacements given to students who excel academically but financially disadvantaged.

Tjiwi Kimia helps young people find the jobs that they are best suited for. The company offers both additional training and employment opportunities for a range of young people, and encouraging more young people to develop their own enterprises. This activity also shares to open insights to the development of the industrial world, so it could generate entrepreneurship. Real time working in factory can be a real application for the student / learner to the world of work. We believe the youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. Youth employment program is aimed to promote networks and clustering support for enterprises can help spread learning about technology and promote the paper mill innovation.






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